Freelance Writing Jobs 2015

There are so many freelance writers and work from home professionals today. The number just keeps growing and growing as the years pass. Clearly people are sick and tired of dealing with the daily grind, ungrateful companies, and employers that fail to appreciate the great work they do.

It's no big surprise that millions of people are searching for freelance writing jobs, online editing work, and copywriter positions that can be handled from home. I wanted to put together a list of freelance writing job websites that will assist you in your career path.

Here are a few websites that will help you find freelance writing jobs, editing work, and much more.


This website allows you to hire workers or become a freelancer. Simply enter the website and click on the "WORK" button in order to learn more.


This site offers more than just writing jobs. There are categories for IT work, data science, design and multimedia, translators, marketing positions, finance, legal work, and more. You just register for free and get started.


Formally known as oDesk, is for freelance writers, as well as professionals in need of freelancers. You just click on the "BECOME A FREELANCER" in the upper right-hand corner to get started.


Guru is a website that focuses on finding and hiring talented freelancers. If you are a freelancer looking for work, select the "FIND A JOB" tab at the top of the homepage.


This website provides a long list of jobs for writers, editors, SEO experts, and graphic design specialists. You can basically put in a bid to let employers know the amount or fee you will work for.


iFreelance allows businesses to hire freelancers, and it also allows you to search for freelance work. There are three tabs at the top of the homepage. You need to click the "FIND WORK" tab to get started.


This is a very broad job board. At the top of the website, you will find Buy, Sell, How it Works, Post Job, Sign Up, and Log In, tabs. If you click on the "SELL" tab, you can select "BROWSE JOBS" and get an idea of what's available.


Freelanced is essentially a social network for writers, editors, bloggers, and other professionals. You can sign up for an account for free. At this point, you can create your own profile and market yourself to other professionals. At the top of the homepage, there is a "FREELANCE JOBS" tab, and you can select FIND JOBS to learn more about what is currently available.


This site is a forum for people who work from home. New jobs and work-from-home opportunities are listed regularly. On the left side of the website, you will find a "WORK AT HOME JOBS" tab. Select this tab to see a list of job postings. You can even select jobs that pertain to your location. Freelance Writing Jobs is an online business that provides print materials, logo and graphic design assistance, social media marketing, website design, and Internet marketing help. If you take a look at the official website, there is a contact phone number at the head of the homepage, and a list of the services this business has to offer.

I have spotted countless ads on Craigslist asking writers to work for This company is apparently always on the lookout for new writers that can handle blog posts and daily articles. However, you must have a Paypal account (easy enough), and you MUST be available to work on weekends (Hmmm).

Did I mention the pay? Well, it's $1 per 100 words you write. Again, here is another business that pays one cent per word, which is extremely low. However, if you're a fast writer, this can potentially amount to something worthwhile. I have spoken with writers that craft 500-word articles for $5, but they only spend about 10 minutes writing them. If you're one of these writers, then maybe is an opportunity to consider.

On, you will find a writer's application that must be filled out so you can be considered for the $1 per 100 words payday. Okay, that sounds a bit sarcastic, but when you think about it, if it takes you an hour to write a 500-word piece, then $5 is not going to cut it. The reality is $5 for an hour of labor is not even minimum wage, and the employer is then breaking the law.

I found a few negative reviews posted online from writers that worked for One writer stated that she spent the better part of a day on a piece that was less than 300 words, and then the editor/owner of stated that it wasn't even suitable, and then denied her payment.

In conclusion, I certainly don't recommend that you waste your time on writing jobs like It's better to find freelance writing gigs that really pay a living wage. Avoid these people who're trying to take advantage of your skills and time so they can make their fortune. 

Freelance Writer Standard Pay

Freelance Writer standard pay is very unclear. As you may know, there are pay standards for most fields or types of work. Therefore most people graduating from college expect a certain wage or salary once they're hired. Obviously the economy has taken a drastic turn in recent years, and many pay standards seem to have gone out the window. So, where does this leave the freelance writer?

First off, there doesn't appear to be an industry standard for freelance writers anymore. According to, freelance writers earn between $23,574 and $114,940 each year. Wow, that's very vague. It really doesn't tell you how much you'll earn writing web articles, blog posts, emails, ebooks, resumes, and ad copy. The average hourly rate is $11.87 to $61.78. Where do you fall on this "average" pay scale?

A lot just depends on whom you speak with. I have recently talked to a few different freelancers in order to get a better idea of freelance writer pay standards. One writer told me he doesn't go by hourly wages, he simply charges 20 cents per word, and stays very busy with a list of clients he's catered to over the years. Another writer told me he crafts articles for as little as one cent per word, but he writes them so quickly he earns about $50 to $60 an hour.

It looks like freelance writer wages vary depending on the writer and the work he or she does. There is certainly freelance work out there that pays a heftier wage, but the buyer or employer will be looking for exceptional copy. This might mean an edit or two will be required. There are also plenty of website and blog owners interested in fresh and accurate articles, but they do not have to be written on the level of The New York Times.

A lot comes down to your personal preference and writing experience. Do you prefer to spend two hours writing a 1,200-word piece for an online magazine, or 15 minutes writing a 350-word blog post? Take a moment and post your feedback. I would love to hear from other freelancers and copywriters. 

Fiverr for Writers - A Waste of Time?

Fiverr is essentially a global online marketplace. Anyone can join the Fiverr community, and all sorts of services are offered. The catch is - everything is only $5. Regardless of what you need done, you can find it on Fiverr. This includes graphic design, freelance writing, video and animation, advertising, translation, editing, online marketing assistance, and more.

Okay, back to writing for Fiverr. Let's say you're a freelancer, and you're looking to make some extra cash. So, you take five minutes to register with Fiverr, and you post your gig. This may be writing a 500-word article on a specific topic or keyword phrase. If someone hires you, your write the article and get paid $5. That is, as long as the client is satisfied.

Here is the sad reality. When you sell that 500-word article, you only get $4, because Fiverr takes one dollar. Woohoo, you just made $4 bucks, which is less than 1 cent per word. The question is, how in the world is this a good deal for the writer? Unless you reside in China or Mexico, I can't see how this is a decent writing gig.

Some writers flock to Fiverr with the thought of acquiring long-term clients that will pay more down the road. Think again! Once you have sold your services for $5, the clients will want to continue to pay $5. Heck, they may as well; there are plenty of other freelance writers on Fiverr to choose from.

In short, Fiverr for writers is a waste of time. If you stop to think about it, making $4 for crafting an original, 500-word article is pathetic. Especially when there are clients that pay 5-15 cents per word, or more. As a freelance writer, it's important to make sure you don't sell yourself short. If you're not even getting paid minimum wage, there's something wrong. Lastly, the more you settle for less, the less money you will continue to get paid Pays Pennies

So, there's another writing opportunity out there for freelancers. It's called You craft unique and useful articles, and you get paid. At least this is the idea. Let's take a closer look at how DotWriter works, and find out whether or not this article sale site is worth your time and effort as a writer.

As a writer, you can sign up for a free account. According to, you submit an original article, and the site/editor has to approve the article so it can be posted on the website for sale. This way potential buyers can view the article and see if they want to purchase it.

What about the pay? Well, you can sell your articles for one cent per word. Therefore if you write a 750-word article, it will by listed on for $7.50. The buyers are never charged any additional fees. However, the writer has to pay DotWriter 20% of each sale. In other words, you only get $6 for that 750-word article. Hmm...

It's wise to do the math before you get involved with a web content dealer like How much is your time and expertise worth? Can you really imagine writing a 1,000-word article, and only making $8. That's absurd! As far as I can tell, DotWriter is another content mill that plans to make all the money, while you do all of the work. No thanks!

If you have the expertise, it makes more sense to sell your articles and blog posts to clients that pay real wages. Market yourself on writer forums, Linkedin, and freelance writing websites. If you prefer to sell articles that you already have written, try a website like, so you can dictate the price, and you make all of the profit.

Realistically you're never going to make much money through websites like DotWriter. These sites only devalue your skill set and leave you broke and frustrated. Furthermore, if you by chance acquire long-term clients via, they will expect you to write for them at the absurd rate of one cent per word.